Accreditation of Skills
Written by Administrator
Tuesday, 12 June 2012 11:31

The National Accreditation Centre for Continuing Vocational Training (EKEPIS) is a statutory body supervised by the Minister of Employment and Social Protection with administrative and financial autonomy. EKEPIS is responsible for the following: Accreditation of Vocational Training Centres and Special Centres for the Social and Vocational Integration of people with disabilities and ex-drug users, Monitoring and Evaluation of Accredited Vocational Training Centres and Special Centres, Accreditation of Trainers of Continuing Vocational Training, Accreditation of Support Services Providers, Accreditation of Job Profiles, Accreditation of Continuing Vocational Training Programmes, Accreditation of knowledge, skills and competencies

Cedefop’s mission is to support development of European VET policies and contribute to their implementation. Cedefop’s strategic objective is to ‘strengthen European cooperation and support the European Commission, Member States and social partners in designing and implementing policies for an attractive VET that promotes excellence and social inclusion’.