Long Term Impact
Written by Administrator

The long term target groups of the project are mainly the same with the short term target groups: Managers and manager associations. One main way to reach these target groups is through the stakeholders networks. Through these networks, the partners will continue to inform their target groups about the results that the project offers them. Standard dissemination channels that are used in the everyday dissemination practice of the partner organizations such as newsletters, information sessions, open events etc. will be used for the dissemination of project related information to the long term target groups. Also, there is a clear commitment that the main information resources of the project (such as the website and all the web tools that will be integrated to it) will continue to be functioning after the end of the project. Furthermore, in order to reach more members of the main target groups but also of the policy makers and enterprises, cost free ways will be used such as face-to-face meetings or web 2.0 dissemination tools (facebook, twitter, social networks, educational networks etc.). In order to reach the multiplier organizations, face-to-face meetings will be organized. The stakeholders’ network that is going to be developed during the project is going to serve also as an important channel of dissemination and efforts are going to be made in order to make the whole process self-sustainable. In the long term, the partner organizations are going to use a lot events (such as conferences, seminars etc.) which gather key players in the VET sector in order to disseminate the results of the project. Also affiliations will be seeked with other relevant projects (in order for each project to benefit from the networks and the contacts of the other one) or other similar initiatives. The website of the project will be linked with main sectoral portals in order to have higher visibility in search engines (which depends on the number of links that exist with one particular website) and attract visitors.