European Added Value

The relevance of a European network on the issue of recognition and certification of managerial competence of innovative SMEs managers depends mainly on the different degree of advancement of the process of validation of informal learning outcomes in different EU countries and the chance to activate a fruitful flow of information and knowledge over Europe.

The network could assist the cooperation between VET actors, enterprises, research centres, social partners and training organisations on a sectoral basis, capitalizing on European expertise and innovatory approaches and allows to anticipate the trends and skills requirements in this field.

The network is committed not only to carry out its specific work programme but also to put the basis in order to continue to get mutual benefits from the network experience also beyond the period financed by the EU, due to the institutional role of most partners and to their main field of interest.

Focusing on an ongoing enlargement of the target audience of the broadened discussion on management culture which will be carried out within the network, the partner will set the premises to build a permanent European observatory for managerial training development.

The European dimension of the network activities shall also allow stimulating the representatives’ associations and the major actors of the managerial training system towards the promotion of training opportunities that might strengthen European SMEs by introducing organizational models capable of effectively responding to the demand for managerial competences. The European dimension should also strengthen the capacity of intervention over political decision-makers to guide political initiatives for the development of managerial competences.

Τhanks to comparative analysis and assessment of territorial influences over management styles it will be possible to improve the process of validation of managerial competence.

The involvement of managers’ unions and management associations at national and regional level will allow to enlarge testing of self-evaluation tools for certification of managerial competence.