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Results and Outputs of the Project

Comparative Report on the State of the Art in the Sector of Validation of Managerial Competencies: Comparative Analysis of the state of the art in the field of validation of Managerial Skills in Greece, Cyprus, Italy, Slovenia, Poland, Latvia and Romania

Protocol of perspectives and trends: Summary of the perspectives and trends for revision, application and improvement of European certification models for managerial competences

Best Practices Online Portal: Online portal on which the best practices in the field of accreditation and certification of managerial competencies are going to be uploaded in order to be visible by...

Methodology for the accreditation of managers’ competencies: Methodological framework for the accreditation of the skills acquired through informal and non formal training.

Self Evaluation Tool: Online tool for the self- evaluation of skills and competencies

Training Content: E-Learning training contents to train the managers in the methodology.